Dutch applecake

Start de filling: Peel the apple and cut it in small parts. Mix it with the sugar,raisins, cinnamom and the lemonjuice. Leave it for a while in the refrigator.
Dough: Put the flour, margarine or butter, sugar, lemonzest in a big bowl. Beat the eggs and put 3/4 in the bowl,1/4 use for later.
Cut with two knives the butter in small pieces en knead the rest with your clean hands as a smooth dough.
Butter the pan and put some flour on top.(de rest take out) Put some dried breadcrumps on the bottom.
Make from the 3/4 of the dough a shape for the pan and put it in the pan. Do the apple on the dough(without the water)and make from the 1/4 of the dough some nice strips to cover the apples and put some of the egg over the doughstrips(for shining).
Bake it in a 180 oC. oven. 50 minutes. Take it out and let cool for 1 hour or more.
Serve it with icecream.

Tip: If the cake start to brown. Put some alluminiumfoil on top. Take it away 5 minutes before it has finished.




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400 gr. cakeflour
250 gr. butter(unsalted)
100 gr. sugar(fine)
zest of 1 lemon
2 eggs, beaten

2 tablespoon dried breadcrumps

4 big firm apples(sour)
hand full dried grapes(raisins)
100 gr. sugar
1 theespoon cinnamom(optional)
1 or 2 lemon (only juice)