Cream cheesecake (no bake)

Step 1. crash the cookies and mix with the melted butter. Put it in a small baking pan. Let it cool in the refrigerator.
Step 2. Mix the creamcheese with the sugar, lemonjuice and the cream till it smooth is. Warm the wine and put the gelatine in the warm wine let it dissolve for a while. (5 minutes). Put it in the cheesebowl and mix it together(not to much).
Step 3. Put this mixture on top of the cookies and put it in the refrigerator.
Step 4. Make the fruitjelly . Mix the fruit(I use blackberrie or mulberrie) with the sugar in a small cookingpan let it stand till the sugar and the fruits leave some juice. Put then water, lemonjuice and white wine. Let it cook till the fruits are soft.(15-20 minutes) Let it cool a bit and put some gelatinepowder in this mixture(do’nt cook it again). Cool.
Step 5. Take the creamcheese out the refrigerator and put the fruit on top of the creamcheese. Put it again in the refrigerator. Leave it there upto you are going to eat this.
Serve it with some icecream.

Tip: You can top it also with uncooked fruit instead of cooked.
The fruit you should put then in sugar before. I preferre the jelly.




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30 gr. cookie(any)
30 gr. butter melted

cream cheesemixture
200 gr. cream cheese
50 gr. sugar(fine)
1 table spoon lemon juice
100 ml. whipping cream

white wine(or water)
1 packet gelatine

200 gr. fruits blackberrie, mulberrie, mango, peaches, strawberrie etc.
75 gr. sugar
1 lemon(juice)
3 tablespoon water
11 table spoon white wine(optionel)
1 packet gelatinepowder